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What are the aims of teaching English as a second language?

To contribute the student's intellectual, personal and professional growth.   To enable student to acquire basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) (MORE)

What is the best technique to learn a second language?

    The best possible way to learn a second language is to go and live in the country where they speak it and take lessons there.   Total immersion works best becau (MORE)

Where are some of the best places to teach English as a foreign language?

One of the best places to teach English as a foreign language is a country that has English as its official language! Because ....   # The student(s) will be living in, (MORE)

Challenges of teaching English language.?

There are a couple of challenges related to teaching English. For  most people, they think they can teach English because they are  native English speakers, however this not (MORE)

Is the 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language' test hard?

It should be if the course is any good! I took my TEFL certificate at a place called the Dunham Institute in Mexico in January 2009. I recommend the course highly! It was 4 (MORE)

What is the psychology behind teaching english as a second language?

Psychology? I taught ESL because I needed money, and my students paid me to teach them because they wanted to learn English. There's no more psychology involved than there is (MORE)