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What is an ebook?

An electronic book. Usually comes in adobe's PDF format. I also know that there are e-readers that can be purchased at some retail stores and through wifi at resturants,motels (MORE)

What is alternative cost in economics?

  According to the authors of the textbook Economics U$A,   Opportunity Cost or Alternative Cost is the value of what certain resources could have produced have they be (MORE)

What is monetary economics and its scope?

  The monetary economy is that part of a society's economic system where products and services are traded in exchange for money.   A monetary economy stands in contras (MORE)
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How do you write out in monetary value 495089.64?

Four hundred ninety-five thousand, eighty-nine dollars and sixty-four centsWhen writing a check: Four hundred ninety-five thousand eighty-nine and 64/100 dollars
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