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A Simple and Effective Skin Care Routine

Creating a habit-forming skin care routine is the key to averting acne, maintaining balanced skin and preventing the signs of premature aging. It all begins with a daily regi (MORE)

Does Your Brand Have A Viable Privacy Policy?

Recent surveys by Gallup and Pew have found not only that consumers are more afraid of having their credit card hacked than they are of being robbed or murdered, but that the (MORE)

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How did the Milwaukee Bucks get their name?

In a name the team contest R.D. Trebilcox, was one of 45 persons who suggested the name "Bucks." His reasoning: "Bucks are spirited, good jumpers, fast and agile." Mr. Trebil (MORE)

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How is lactic acid released from the body?

Lactic acid is released by the slow, natural process of muscle relaxation after the heavy exertion that caused the lactic acid buildup, or you can speed up the release by mass (MORE)