10 Winningest Coaches in the NFL

Former Houston Oilers and Atlanta Falcons head coach Jerry Glanville famously quipped that the NFL stood for "not for long" when referring to his job security. Being a head co (MORE)

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Which is healthier potatoes or sweet potato?

Sweet potato and yams are packed with more nutrition, but the regular old Idaho potato does have some good B vitamins. It is the processing of white potatoes into mashed mixes (MORE)

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What are the advantage and disadvantage of Encomienda system?

There were no advantages to the Encomienda System to the local tribes. They were used for forced labor in the mines and in the fields and many were killed or injured in the pr (MORE)

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What is the difference between the US treasury and the department of the treasury?

The US Treasury is the branch of the corporation known as the UNITED STATES, that handles the financial affairs of the incorporated company that has the same name as our count (MORE)